9 Objections to Christianity

Over the past 2 days I have watched much of the Resurgence13 Conference (you may have seen a lot of #R13 on social media.) This Seattle based conference had live sites scattered across America and also and online contingency of over 20,000 viewers. Over the 48 hours of the conference delegates and online subscribers heard messages from Mark Driscoll, Rick Warren, Judah Smith, James McDonald and Matt Chandler just to name a few. The heart of the conference was for delegates to learn lessons from ministry leaders who have seen God’s faithfulness as they respond to his call. Many of these sessions I managed to see and found all of them especially helpful, compelling and empowering. I’m sure in time these sessions will made available at The Resurgence.

In the final session of the conference Pastor Mark Driscoll shared of a number of new developments that he, his church (Mars Hill) and The Resurgence website would be working on. One of those is a project that will become a book, sermon series and small group studies on the 9 objections to Christianity
the unchurched and dechurched (people that haven’t attended church for a considerable amount of time.)

The market research (done by some of the market leaders in research) has already been undertaken and after numerous survey’s, focus groups and interviews Mark shared the summary of the Top 9 objections to Christianity. I for one, am incredibly thankful for the time, energy and expense that has been invested and await eagerly the finalisation and communication in full of the data, it’s findings and how we as believers are to respond. So these are the 9 and below also a quote from different participants of the study.


“Some Christian groups are too intolerant”

“The Christian religion and I have different views on social issues like abortion and gay marriage

“I don’t like how some Christian groups meddle in politics”

“Most Christians are hypocrites”

“There are lots of religions, and I’m not sure only one has to be the right way”

“All people are not created equal in the Christian faith”

“I don’t really share the beliefs that the Christian faith tells me I should”

“Christianity is about making money, not religion”

“The Christian faith is not relevant to modern times”

I wish I could post the session as I greatly appreciated how in just 90 minutes Mark unpacked these objections, it would obviously help further explain what each subheading specifically spoke too. I look forward to this project and it’s findings being shared on the global scale in the first half of 2014.

I truly believe It’s important for us as believers to be engaging in the conversations our culture is having, and be able to speak the truth into issues, shortcomings and falsehoods people have about Christianity.


10 ways to Destroy your Church

So you are looking for a way to destroy the church you attend? It’s easy, just simply live by these 10 principles.zvonara_pz2

1) Don’t have a clear leader, let anyone who wants to call the shots and lead. This is true empowerment.

2) Vote on everything, because democracy = unity.

3) Make the vision as hazy and vague as you can.

4) Remind your team regularly that integrity is overrated.

5) Allow issues and problems to grow and go unchallenged.

6) Let anyone preach that wants to have a shot.

7) Keep telling your church that the ‘good ol days’ were better

8) Don’t preach about anything offensive. So money, sex, commitment, heck even Jesus, give it a miss. Don’t wanna upset ya parishioners.

9) Tradition is king and any change is of the devil.

10) Programs are more important than people.

20020617OK, clearly I’m being a little sarcastic and tongue in cheek. I’m pretty confident you picked that up. Please don’t do or be these things. In doing this you are destroying something Jesus loves. His people, HIS church.

Let’s be his people that speak the life, truth and message of Jesus, and live it out with passion and integrity. Our broken world needs Jesus to be seen in and through you.

Dating Delilah


I’ve been working with teenagers for over 10 years, predominantly in roles for churches and other Christian organizations. Without fail one of, if not the most asked question I get from young people people are often around the areas of sex and sexuality. “Is it OK if my BF and I do this?” “Is it OK just to have a casual hook up?” “If I love him sleeping with him is OK right?” “We didn’t get pregnant so God is OK with it right?” No doubt many of my brothers and sisters in Youth Ministry have a small smile on their face reading these all too familiar questions.

Purity is is more than just being a virgin, Purity is more than just about being someone who has never looked at pornographic images or touched someone in a sexual way. Purity isn’t even about what you do with ya lips and ya bits.

Purity is is a condition of the heart!

Many of you have heard of the story of Samson and Delilah … the one where a man gives up the secret to his strength to a seductress and ends up losing his life? That’s the Delilah you might be dating. Sure the woman in the story is long gone, but that same seducing spirit lives today, and still wreaks havoc on the destinies of those who fall for it.

book cover

One of the greatest, if not the greatest books I’ve read on this subject of purity is by Judah Smith Lead Pastor of The City Church in Seattle, USA.

Click Here if you’d like to download for FREE the audiobook, pdf version of the book or to get a pdf version the manual.

This is my favorite book to recommended to singles and newly dating couples. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Purity is a tough road, but by God’s grace I believe that for you (married, single, dating or somewhere in between) can see God being honored in and through your life in this area.