Breakfast Ministry

I’m a parent of 3 beautiful children. Having kids is by far one of the greatest decisions that my wife and I have ever made.


Yesterday at breakfast I was struck again by a spiritual truth that came out of a regular conversation with my oldest son Caleb. His current flavor of the month breakfast is to have a bowl of corn flakes and some honey drizzled over the top (really a poor man’s crunchy nut corn flakes.) That morning however, I realized I’d run out of honey and had forgotten to mention it to my wife for our weekly shop which was done the day before. I had to break this to Caleb that he wouldn’t be able to have honey that morning on his cereal. What followed was a 4 year olds version of his world collapsing as he was unable to get what he wanted. I said to Caleb ‘Son I know you want honey, but I can’t give you something I don’t have.’

No sooner had that sentence left my lips I felt the urging of God saying the exact same thing to me. ‘MJ, you can only give people that which I have already done in you.’

After being in pastoral ministry for over a decade now (outside of radio work it’s been my only real “job”) I have to admit that too many times when I’ve come to preach or share leadership thoughts with my teams and I’ve found myself coming to God and his word for content to deliver rather than for transformation of myself or intimacy with God as the ultimate objective.

Before I teach it, preach it, tweet it, heck even blog about it I must ensure that I am transformed by it and living it

You can only draw water out of a well that’s already dwelling inside. So too we can only give out that which God has already done within us.

Lets not become mere professional Christians, rather let us live out and be transformed by God so that we can give out that which has been done within us.


Interview with Ed Stetzer

While working at LightFM I had the privilege of chatting with Ed Stetzer ahead of his first visit to Oz a little under 12 months ago.

Would understanding your culture, help your ministry? Author, Speaker, ed-minus100Pastor and Church planter Ed Stetzer, is the President of Lifeway Research. Seeing Ed three years ago, I had the privilege of speaking directly with him and posed questions in this interview of church and culture are brought to light, with some interesting findings from the research.

Juggling church and family with a busy schedule, having a great support team, putting God first and good mates to work with, maintains his balance. Ed explains why looking after the family is so important, stating: “I refuse to sacrifice my family on the alter of ministry success”.

A book ‘Transformational Church’ studies seven thousand churches of various denominations. People that have been changed by the power of the Gospel and are having an impact on their community is what Lifeway Research is most passionate about.

With a positive perspective on the church, Ed seeks to know how well the church is doing and where it can improve. Trends in dropouts, state of the Western Church and living in a ‘Post-Christian Society’ are all topics of discussion. Ed says that the greatest trend is that the church has ‘lost it’s home field advantage’ – spiritual answers are no longer sought from the church but culture.

Take a listen to our chat here: